Heiko Bleher to appear at Maxi Zoo, Leopardstown


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A world leading fish expert is to appear at Maxi Zoo in Leopardstown on 15 June.

Heiko Bleher, 69, will visit the Maxi Zoo store at the Leopardstown Retail Park to share his knowledge with local pet owners.
Alice Cross, Executive Director of Maxi Zoo, says: "We can not believe the interest that Heiko's visit is already generating.
"This is a rare opportunity for Irish fish keepers to meet something of a living legend."
Bleher started learning about fish at age four when he travelled with his mother to Africa and across Europe.
At eight, he lived with his mother in deep jungle of South Africa for six months. Here he gained a deep knowledge on ornamental fishes, their life and behaviour.
He studied at the University of Florida on courses such as ichthyology, biology, limnology, oceanography and parasitology as well as others.
In 1965 he discovered the Hemigrammus bleheri, or the Rummy-Head Tetra, which is now one of the most widely sold aquarium fishes in the world.
Cross says: "Customers visiting the store on Saturday will have an opportunity to meet and talk to Heiko face to face, to ask questions, and to learn all they can about caring for all varieties of fish."
Bleher will arrive at Maxi Zoo at 12pm and the first 100 people through the door will have the opportunity to meet him and have a photograph taken with him.
He will give a presentation on his expeditions from 12.30pm to 2pm and will also conduct a biotope demo.
The event will conclude with a presentation on Discus and a half hour Q&A.
Admission is free and customers are advised to arrive before 12pm.