Hagen launches Fluval Chi lifestyle nano


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Pet and aquatics company Hagen have launched a new nano aquarium at Germany's Interzoo pet trade show.

The brand new Fluval Chi 'lifestyle' aquarium was displayed in two sizes - 19 and 25 litres in volume. The tanks are taller than they are long and wide but much more unique are their other design features.

They are open topped and rimless but also have a filter/light/waterfeature all built into one, that clips onto the tank rim. Lighting is LED and what's more it is submerged under the waterline.

On the 25 litre model lighting is also said to be remote control.

The packaging features three goldfish, but this aquarium is much smaller than we would recommend for such fish. (Hagen UK has told Practical Fishkeeping that it intends to produce new packaging for the UK market).

"The Fluval Chi delivers an appealing aquarium making the ordinary truly extraordinary," it states on the packaging. "Extraordinary design inspired by authentic aquatic tradition."

"Our Fluval Chi (pronounced "tchee" goes far beyond conventional aquariums. It allows self expression and infuses itself into everything by creating harmonious environment.

"Inspired by the classical Chi from the Chinese culture as an active principal forming part of any living thing.

"Chi is a form of energy that symbolises life, health and prosperity and everything that is positive to us.

"With flowing waters and illumination the Fluval Chi set within the living or working environment will maximise the life quality of those who inhabit these spaces.

"Equipped with safe low voltage LED lighting and power filtration, the Fluval Chi brings energy to our home or office space."