Guppy success in Yorkshire!


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Despite Hurricane Bertha, 50 visitors attended the annual Friends of Yorkshire Open Show and Auction on Sunday, August 10.

There were 156 entries in the YAAS (Yorkshire Association of Aquarist Societies) OS at The Village Hall, Stockton on the Forest. Traditionally, the YAAS hosts one of the Fancy Guppies UK Legs in its European League competitions. This International group of Fancy Guppy keepers compete for points to standards called I.K.G.H. (all rather complicated, see the Fancy Guppies website for the full story).

In an annex to the YAAS OS, the guppy fanciers had 23 entries where IFGA (International Fancy Guppy Association) judges Dawn Pamplin, Steve Elliot and Stan Collinge, chose a Half-black, Half-red Delta tail as their Best in Show.

One of those judges, Dawn Pamplin, decided to enter one of her guppies (pictured above) in the YAAS OS — and it won Best in Show with 85 points! Dawn is pictured below, receiving the cup from Steve Jones.

The Best Guppy in the UK Guppy League is owned by Phil Riley of FGL who also won second and third in the same Class. In the YAAS OS there are three main awards with presentation of Cups: Best in Show, Best Exhibit (from Pairs and Breeders Class) and a memorial Award — the Cliff Hildred Trophy for the Best Anabantoid.

The Best Exhibit was won by Ian Wallbridge of Bradford AS with a pair of Skiffia multipunctata.

The Best Anabantoid was a Betta splendens owned by Bernard Teal of FAST (Ferrybridge Aquatic Show Team).

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