Get a fishkeeping qualification


For the first time and exclusively through Practical Fishkeeping, the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) are extending their correspondence exams to non-trade fishkeepers.

We published the course material for the first course "Filtration for Fishkeepers" at Christmas and many candidates have now successfully passed the exam.

We've now added the course material to the website so you can read it and take the exam yourself. The study material covers all of the main aspects of this side of the hobby, so it's worth reading, even if you aren't intending to sit the exam yourself.

The OATA Expert Fishkeeper Awards are available around the world and the questions are fairly challenging. While the course material might seem easy to some people, the questions really do make you think, so it's not a walkover to pass.

For more details on the course, and how you can get your own fishkeeping qualification from OATA check out the course material.