Frisky frogs spark police call-out


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When police were called to a house in Wisconsin, USA, following a complaint about loud noise, they found that the culprits were frogs mating in the Koi pond.

A neighbour has apparently called police twice this month to the home of Jeff and Debbie Alsip in Baraboo, complaining that noise from their back garden was keeping him awake at night.

Police officer Mike Pichler said he could hear the noise from his car when he arrived at the property. On investigation he discovered over a dozen frogs in the 8' x 8' pond, which were calling loudly to one another. He also spotted a pair of toads mating.

Debbie Alsip explained that the pond was built around 20 years ago and every spring it becomes a meeting ground for amorous amphibians.

She told Portage Daily Register that the shrill calls wake them up if the windows are open at night.

Police explained the source of the noise to the Alsip's neighbour, who said the couple should 'shoo them along'.

But Debbie Alsip said: "I don’t know how I’m encouraging them. If he thinks I’m going to catch them and take them out, he’s crazy."

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