Fish pines for missing owner's return


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A fish whose owner boarded the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is reported to be pining for him.

According to The Star Online, the Arowana was sluggish and refused to eat anything for five days after Puspanathan Subramaniam left on a business trip to China.

His father, Subramaniam Gurusa­my, who is caring for the fish in his son's absence, says the Arowana will only eat if he places a photo of Puspanathan next to the aquarium.

He adds that the trip was originally meant to last a fortnight, but his son managed to get the duration shortened to a week because he didn't want to be away from his family for that long. Puspanathan has a three-year-old son.

Subramaniam says that the family fears every waking moment and prays there will be no tragic news.

Flight MH370 disappeared on March 8 nearly an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. There were 239 people on board.

Today (March 24) Chinese aircrew say they have spotted "suspicious objects" in the southern Indian Ocean, in an area that satellite pictures suggest may contain debris.

Ten aircraft are combing a wide area of the southern Indian Ocean, with planes from China joining those from Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the US, in addition to a number of ships.

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