First sustainably caught Papua New Guinea fish arrive in UK!


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Readers of the April issue PFK magazine will be pleased to hear that sustainably caught marine fish from Papua New Guinea will be available from UK shops within the next few weeks.

After all the trials and tribulations that have beset the delivery of fish from EcoAquariums in Papua New Guinea, following a trip around the globe and two stop-overs, the fish finally arrived in Manchester last week.

Dale Pritchard, Director at EcoreefUk and the only UK importer of the fish said: "We are delighted we have finally been able to get these fish to the UK. We have limited species on this first shipment as the journey time and unknown issues have meant we have had to be cautious. However we have some absolutely stunning fish including Percula and Maroon clowns, wrasses, swallowtail angels and a few rare and very unusual fish."

"We are doing all we can to ensure these fish arrive in top condition. All bags contain carbon pellets and this has proved worthwhile with this first shipment. We are also utilising temperature data loggers to establish a diligent approach to managing each shipment. This will ensure we understand temperature loss in the boxes and if we need take action at any point to ensure proactive management of the fishes health."

EcoreefUK will be arranging further shipments every few weeks and expanding its retailer network over the coming months.

The initial retailers will be:
The Reef, 13 The Strand, Barrow in Furness, LA14 2HG
Ocean Reef, 48 Market Street, Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent, ST7 4AB
Amwell Aquatics, High Road, Thornwood, Essex, CM16 6LX

Just a few of the many fish available through Ecoreef are pictured below:



For more information on the project see the April issue of PFK.

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