First Nationwide Goldfish Open Show


The new Nationwide Goldfish Standards were used for the first time at a recent show in Northampton.

The First Nationwide Goldfish Open Show took place on Saturday, September 27th 2014 at Weston Favell Parish Hall, Booth Lane South, Northampton.

All members of the Nationwide Goldfish groups took part. These are currently the Northern Goldfish and Pondkeepers Society (NGPS), Association of Midland Goldfish Keepers (AMGK), North East Goldfish Society (NEGK) and Bristol Aquarist Society (BAS). Scottish aquarists are involved too — in fact anyone who keeps goldfish.

These goldfish clubs have all agreed on specific standards for the many varieties of goldfish:

Group 1 - (Long body, single tail) Common goldfish, London shubunkin, Bristol shubunkin and Comet.
Group 2
- (Round body, short double tail) Fantail and Pearlscale.
Group 3 - (Round body, long double tail) Veiltail, Broadtail Moor, Globe-eye, Oranda and Redcap.
Group 4 - (Round body, no dorsal fin, short double tail) Lionhead, Bubble-eye, Celestial and Pom-Pon.
Some special varieties such as Ryukin or Wakin are still under review.

The Nationwide members had 205 entries in the 57 Classes. There was also an auction with over 50 goldfish from the four societies’ members. Hot and cold food and drinks were available all day, plus a grand raffle.

The entries were pointed by judges from all four societies using the new Nationwide Standards: Sherridan Moores, Graham Turner, Andrew Barton, Keith Waters, Dean Roberts, Martyn Clare, Ian Milden, Alex King, Alan Race, Gordon King, Jim Amos, Dave Roberts and Bill Ramsden.

The new Major Nationwide Awards are 'Best Exhibit in Show', 'Best Single Adult Fish', 'Best Single Baby Fish Bred 2014' and 'Best Breeders Team Bred 2014.

The prizes were awarded by Sherridan Moores (Chairman NGPS) and here he is (left) presenting Pat Davies of AMGK with the Nationwide Award for 'Best Breeders Team Bred 2014' which was also awarded 'Best Exhibit in Show' — so he received two Award Shields.

The actual winning fish were a team of four Moors, pictured at the top of the page.

The Best Single Adult Fish was a London Shubunkin bred by Brian Parkin (NGPS) — pictured below receiving his award from Sherridan Moores.

There were many more Firsts in each of the 57 Classes; not only from the four Nationwide societies, but also by independent aquarists because it was an Open Show...however, all are Nationwide goldfish!

Below are some of the other winning fish from the show.

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