Evolution Aqua buys the Bermuda brand


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Evolution Aqua buys the Bermuda brand

Multi award-winning Wigan based manufacturer Evolution Aqua continues its rapid expansion with the purchase of the Bermuda pond equipment brand.

Originally a Solus brand, Bermuda was more recently acquired by Scott’s, owners of Miracle-gro, before being put up for sale as Scott’s concentrate on their core gardening business.

The Bermuda brand joins Evolution Aqua’s existing pond and Koi product portfolio including K1 Micro, Nexus, PURE, EazyPod, evoUV, eaProPump, Stop Blanketweed and air pumps.

 Bob Meacham will move with the Bermuda brand to Evolution Aqua. Bob Meacham will move with the Bermuda brand to Evolution Aqua.

A separate business

At a different range and price point, Bermuda will operate as a separate business and complement, not compete with, Evolution Aqua and its specialist Koi filtration market. Bermuda will be available to the much wider gardening and water gardening markets, as well as being available to the whole existing Evolution Aqua dealer network.

Bob Meacham, a 26-year water gardening trade veteran, moves with Bermuda brand to Evolution Aqua: “I could not be more thrilled and excited to be at the helm again of the relaunch of one of the UK’s leading water gardening brands!” says Bob.

“Coupled with the fabulous backing and technical excellence of Evolution Aqua, I feel extremely confident we will again bring to the marketplace, new and innovative selling products in the months and years to come.”

More info: Contact Bob Meacham at bob@bermudawatergardens.com or call 07780 666 048.