EHEIM launches new UV steriliser


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The new ReeflexUV from EHEIM is designed to reduce micro-organisms and eliminate torpidity in the aquarium water.

The ReeflexUV features an internal built-in reflector ensuring, says EHEIM, that the micro-organism-killing UVC radiation is significantly increased.

We’ll be reviewing it in a future issue of PFK, but in the interim offer what EHEIM claims.

Conventional UV sterilisers direct the water via detours past the UVC burner, but this product takes the direct route, meaning there’s no loss of performance, less energy used and increased effectiveness.

EHEIM says the ReeflexUV should only be used to support the filter to reduce the micro-organisms and algae spores in the aquarium.  

The ReeflexUV, featuring an automatic safety cut-off during lamp changing, comes in three sizes for tanks from 80l/18 gal up to 800 l/186 gal.

Price: To be announced.

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