Discover a festival of first class fish this October


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Discover a festival of first class fish this October

Hounslow Urban Farm in Feltham, Middlesex will once again host the 31st Festival of Fishkeeping over the weekend of October 7–8, 2017. 

Hounslow Urban Farm, one of the UK’s largest community farms, is expert at giving local children a real life experience of a working farm and hosting really fantastic events. So, during the weekend , families will be able to enjoy both the interactive contact with domestic farm animals that the Farm offers, including rare and unusual breeds, as well as the Festival of Fishkeeping — all for the cost of standard entry to the farm!

The Festival of Fishkeeping is the UK’s biggest display and competition of rare breed, tropical fish and reptiles. It’s a unique and fantastic opportunity to get up close to exotic, weird and wonderful fish and reptiles that can’t be seen elsewhere, all in one place at one time. You certainly don’t have to be nuts about fish to appreciate the splendour of the fish on display, which include Japanese Koi, Discus, killifish, Jinchu Kai and many more, plus the chance to buy some quality fish.

If the weather is inclement, the undercover, fully-heated environment will ensure comfortable viewing of the very best quality of fish and reptiles in full adult size and prime condition, brought together by fish breeders and hobbyists from around the country.

Supporting Companies this year include Rolf C Hagen, Fish Science, Simply Koi, LBA Lisa Bradshaw, Devotedly Discus — and those amazing stingrays will be back this year, along with the fabulous flowerhorns and Betta splendens.

In addition to the regular fish competitions, there will be Discus and cichlid displays plus Societies’ information Stands.


This is the last chance for exhibitors to show off their fishes and plants in the FBAS Show season and for the public to be attracted into the hobby by viewing the very best in the aquatic world.

Saturday, October 7

 The 2016 winning fish.

The 2016 winning fish.

FBAS Championship Classes (winners qualify for 2017 Supreme)      
Cb (Pencilfish), 
M (AOS Tropical Egglayers)
V (Twin-tailed Goldfish) 
Diamond Class (qualifies for 2018 Final) –  J (Rasboras)

 The winner of the 2016 British Open championship.

The winner of the 2016 British Open championship.

BRITISH OPEN                       
Fishes gaining ‘Best in Shows’ from any Open Show in 2017 qualify for this end-of-the-year ‘Head-to-Head’ final shootout.

Relying on the ‘Home Game’ advantage’ theory, winners of the Society nominated Class have to do it all again in this popular Final Round.

Sunday, October 8

This is the BIG ONE! Whichever fish wins, it’s ‘Simply the Best.’ Qualifiers come from successful 2017 Championship Trophy Class winners.

SUPREME PAIRS FINAL                    
Favourite twosomes. Or fishkeeping’s equivalent of ‘Mr & Mrs’. 2017 Pairs Classes winners qualify.

Four of a kind, or, Familiarity breeds!  (2017 Breeders’ Classes winners qualify)

Other attractions throughout the weekend include:

Some see these magnificent fish as the ‘Rolls Royces’ of the aquatic world. Do you envy the Judges’ job deciding the winner from such a collection?

‘Big is Beautiful’ so they say.  Apart from admiring their beauty, spare a thought on the effort required to get fish into this condition and getting them to the Show as well! 

LJB Aquatics will be putting on a big display of some awesome fish that just can’t be missed. Along with sensational stingrays and flowerhorns , the LJB stand will include stunning and vibrant Betta splendens, with every tail type and colour you can imagine, all of a very high standard — with plenty of fish for sale!  

It’s surprising what you can pick up (at bargain prices too!) in this hobbyists-supported feature. To reserve tank-space for your sales (which you must supervise personally), contact Paul Corbett as soon as possible on 01983 522448 or 07926 354669.


Activities and events at the farm will include the best in family entertainment including children’s animal encounters, bouncy castle, bird of prey displays, pig and ferret racing, animal feeding, children’s play zones, face painting, art and craft and animal games competitions. This year the farm has also installed go-carts, paddleboats, a paddling pool and sand pits.

Just set your satnav to Faggs Road, Feltham, Middlesex TW14 0LZ.

For further details about the Festival of Fishkeeping, contact The Festival Organiser, 8 Acacia Avenue, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 8NR. Tel. 020 88473586 or email [email protected]