Dead whale will not be blown up


How do you dispose of a 43 foot whale?

That is the question experts in Scotland are currently pondering, after a Sperm whale washed up dead on a beach in Moray.

According to a report from the BBC, Moray Council officials are considering burying the giant whale on the beach at Roseisle where it was found at the weekend.

Souvenir hunters are believed to have already begun disassembling the whale carcass and have removed its lower jaw, but Council officials have warned the public to stay away from the corpse.

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Officials have ruled out the use of explosives to destroy the body.

They told the BBC that the whale corpse was in an area popular with walkers and is close to a picnic area, so using explosives was considered too dangerous.

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Recent reports from the BBC claim that abattoir staff are disposing of the carcass by chopping it into three big chunks.

The whale chunks are to be taken to an abattoir in Keith and incinerated, the report says.