Convention offers a great weekend for catfish fans


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This year's Catfish Study Group convention takes place from March 14-16 in Lancashire.

The CSG, formally the Northern Area Group of the Catfish Association of Great Britain, has been holding annual conventions since 1979. It was in 2006 that it held the first full weekend event, which enabled the group to invite guest speakers from all over the world. Both scientists and hobbyists have always been in its programmes enabling a wide range of topics and interests to be covered, which also helps to bring the two faculties closer together.

This year will be the fourth year at the very popular Kilhey Court Hotel in Standish, Wigan, where the CSG has found the accommodation, service and surrounding to be ideal — this combined with a well balanced speaker programme creates a fantastic atmosphere.

Speakers on the Saturday will be Haaken Haagensen on Hypancistrus forms of the Rio Xingu; Brian Perkins on discovering the Corydoras of the Madre de Dios, Peru and Hans-Georg Evers on armoured catfish of the genus Brochis and family Doradidae.

On the Sunday Mark Duffill will give a talk on loaches, followed by Barbie Fiorentino on spawning Loricariidae, Dr Peter Burgess on The Big Fish Campaign; Brian Perkins with an overview of the fauna and flora of Southern Peru and Northern Bolivia and Hans-Georg Evers on 'The Brazilian shield': land of waters, home of plecos.

Besides the excellent speaker programme there is a very well presented BAP (Breeders Award Programme) sponsored by and a speaker forum sponsored by South American Fish — here delegates can submit prepared questions to members of the panel. The questions are rotated so that each of the panelists are involved and have at least one question to respond to.

There's a special offer on tickets booked before February 1, with tickets to the convention costing £15 each day for the Saturday and Sunday — or £25 for both days. After January 31 ticket prices cost £20 a day or £35 for both days. Refreshments during breaks are included in the price.

For more information or to book accommodation at the hotel and/or tickets, visit the Catfish Study Group website.

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