Buy Andrew James ranchu from Star Fisheries at open day


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Like fancy goldfish? Want to buy some Japanese style ranchu? Star Fisheries have 50 on sale from Jinchu-kai member Andrew James.

Get into koi and goldfish circles and when people talk about obtaining new stock to breed from, it's all about the bloodline.

Famous ranchu breeders in Japan include Suzuki, Kashino, Nogi and Takao but we have some excellent, extremely dedicated ranchu breeders here in the UK, with Andrew James of Jinchu-kai being one of them.

Andrew James lives and breathes ranchu and his fish are bred to very exacting standards. Every goldfish club member in the UK knows him and PFK have published an article on him and his set up, and other Jinchu-kai members in previous issues of the magazine.

Andrew's fish are kept and bred in a huge poly tunnel equipped to his specifications, and in Japanese ranchu culture its all about quality, not quantity.

There was a time when his fish were not available to anyone outside of Jinchu-kai, so to be able to buy these as you would any other goldfish from Star, is a real bonus.

Open day
Star have secured 50 nisai (fish bred last year,) from Andrew James and they will be on sale along with a large shipment of Chinese fancies at their open day on Sunday 24th March 2013.