Burst aquarium leaves £6 million repair bill


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A huge 100,000 l marine tank at the home of one of Scotland's wealthiest businessmen caused extensive damage when it shattered, flooding parts of the house.

The 50ft high circular aquarium, which is reported to have been worth more than £1 million, extended across three storeys of Steven Malcolm’s mansion in Gleneagles, Perthshire. The tank had a spiral staircase built around it, and had to be lowered into the house with a crane when it was built.

Mr Malcolm, who is the boss of a leading taxi firm, came downstairs to find the ground floor flooded and littered with dead fish after the tank burst late last year.

A source told 

The Sun

: "The kitchen was swept away by the force of the water while a downstairs toilet was sent flying through the air and almost landed on a Rolls-Royce in the garage."

The saltwater caused extensive damage to the kitchen, decor and electrics of the £9 million property and loss adjusters estimate that it will cost around £6 million to restore the house to its previous high standard.