Brazilian tetra renamed


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A species of tetra has been moved to a new genus and given a new species name.

Tetragonopterus aeneus, which was originally described by Hensel in 1870, was brought out of synonymy by Filipe de Melo and Paulo Buckup and has had to been renamed Astyanax henseli to avoid confusion with another fish already called Astyanax aeneus.

Their paper in the latest issue of the journal Neotropical Ichthyology explains that the fish Hensel described as T. aeneus has been considered as a synonym of various other species over the years.

Just six years after Hensel first described the species, Steindachner said that the species, along with T. obscurus, was a synonym of T. rutilus.

In 1910, Eigenmann, who undertook extensive studies of the fishes of South America, moved the majority of the members of the Tetragonopterus genus to Astyanax.

Among the fishes moved to Astyanax by Eigenmann was a different species of fish called Tetragonopterus aeneus that was described by Gunther in 1860.

Because de Melo and Buckup found that Hensel's Tetragonopterus aeneus was actually a distinct species, and not a synonym of another fish, they had to give it a new name to prevent a homonym clash occurring with two species both bearing the name Astyanax aeneus.

For more details see the paper: FAG de Melo and PA Buckup (2006) - Astyanax henseli, a new name for Tetragonopterus aeneus Hensel, 1870

from southern Brazil (Teleostei: Characiformes). Neotropical Ichthyology, 4(1):45-52, 2006.

Astyanax species distributionsThe members of the Astyanax genus are quite widespread through South and Central America and the genus currently contains around 90 valid species. You can view the distributions of some of these fishes on Practical Fishkeeping's Fish Mapper application.

Astyanax abramis

Astyanax alburnus

Astyanax altiparanae

Astyanax angustifrons

Astyanax anterior

Astyanax argyrimarginatus

Astyanax armandoi

Astyanax asuncionensis

Astyanax atratoensis

Astyanax bimaculatus

Astyanax bourgeti

Astyanax brachypterygium

Astyanax brevirhinus

Astyanax caucanus

Astyanax chaparae

Astyanax cordovae

Astyanax correntinus

Astyanax cremnobates

Astyanax daguae

Astyanax depressirostris

Astyanax eigenmanniorum

Astyanax erythropterus

Astyanax fasciatus

Astyanax fasslii

Astyanax festae

Astyanax filiferus

Astyanax gisleni

Astyanax giton

Astyanax goyacensis

Astyanax gracilior

Astyanax guaporensis

Astyanax guianensis

Astyanax gymnogenys

Astyanax hastatus

Astyanax integer

Astyanax intermedius

Astyanax ita

Astyanax jacuhiensis

Astyanax janeiroensis

Astyanax jenynsii

Astyanax jordani

Astyanax kennedyi

Astyanax kompi

Astyanax kullanderi

Astyanax latens

Astyanax laticeps

Astyanax leonidas

Astyanax leopoldi

Astyanax lineatus

Astyanax longior

Astyanax maculisquamis

Astyanax magdalenae

Astyanax marionae

Astyanax maximus

Astyanax megaspilura

Astyanax mexicanus

Astyanax microlepis

Astyanax multidens

Astyanax mutator

Astyanax myersi

Astyanax nasutus

Astyanax nicaraguensis

Astyanax obscurus

Astyanax ojiara

Astyanax orbignyanus

Astyanax orthodus

Astyanax paraguayensis

Astyanax parahybae

Astyanax paranahybae

Astyanax paris

Astyanax pelegrini

Astyanax poetzschkei

Astyanax pynandi

Astyanax ribeirae

Astyanax robustus

Astyanax ruberrimus

Astyanax saguazu

Astyanax saltor

Astyanax scabripinnis

Astyanax schubarti

Astyanax scintillans

Astyanax stenohalinus

Astyanax stilbe

Astyanax superbus

Astyanax symmetricus

Astyanax taeniatus

Astyanax trierythropterus

Astyanax troya

Astyanax turmalinensis

Astyanax unitaeniatus

Astyanax validus

Astyanax venezuelae

Astyanax villwocki