Award-winning design gives aquarium a modern twist


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A design student has won an award for his re-invented aquarium, styled to look like a contemporary flat or apartment.

Called the Fish Hotel, it features a detachable moulded plastic outer shell, with 'windows'. The inner tank is removeable for cleaning and you can stack them to create a 'hotel' or modern high-rise effect.

Carry handles built into the design double up as feeding holes if you have one tank on top of the other.

It measures 19 x 19 x 20 cm/7.5 x 7.5 x 8", so isn't particularly large at around 7.3 l/1.6 gal. There's no filter or heater provided, although you could add them along with gravel and plants. However, PFK feels that at this kind of volume it's not really suitable for livestock other than very small shrimps.

The Fish Hotel was designed by Teddy Luong, of the Carleton University's School of Industrial Design in Ottawa and was the winner of Canada's Build a Better competition.

It's manufactured by Umbra and is available in the UK, priced at around £36.

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