August 2008 issue on sale tomorrow


The August 2008 issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine is on sale now.

Inside this issue you'll find the latest on the new products that are due to be launched in the UK in the coming months, details on how you can build a pond or create your own worm farm, breed Chocolate gouramies and choose the right type of catfish for your tank. Plus we take a look at the new dwarf Boesemani rainbow, check out a stunning planted tank and provide the info you need to keep a range of beautiful and fascinating fish.

Shrinking rainbows: Harro Heironimus reports on a new source of Boeseman's rainbowfish from where they reach only half the size of the originals. ASBOs for all of them: Neale Monks names and shames the worst fish you could choose for life alongside decent law-abiding residents. At peace with your pond: Nick Fletcher offers some handy tips to make life easier and more enjoyable for outdoor fishkeepers. A-Z of Fish Health: Dr Peter Burgess on the common and not so common health matters that affect fish.

Great Planted Tanks: George Farmer features Dan Crawford's 'Route to Wilderness' - his favourite UK aquascape - in this fourth part of his series. Stuff you need to know about live food: Bruce Reid looks at creating nourishment for your fish with your very own worm farm. Tanganyika's mysteries: Goby cichlids are best suited to those fishkeepers experienced in behaviour management - including biparenting. Yet, they represent a challenge worth taking, says Mary Bailey. Sweet sensation: Andrew Smith unwraps the enigmatic Chocolate gourami to reveal a fish well worth the effort of acclimatising to your tank and breeding.

Mike's Kingdom: Les Holliday returns to Chester Zoo to glean some pearls of wisdom from the aquarium team leader. Marines on your doorstep: Peter Stiles goes native to resurrect his marine hobby and delight one of the next generation of fishkeepers. Made to measure: In the first of a new series on suiting to size, Phil Hunt looks at what to sensibly include in smaller reef set-ups. Sucking up for favours: They have blue blood, change colour and texture of their skin and take in food through a hole in their brain, but do cephalopods make good aquarium subjects? David Wolfenden presents the facts.

Get into fishkeeping: Considering a catfish? Neale Monks looks at a group of fish as diverse in size as they are in diet. So how do you go about choosing the right one? Problem solver: Fishkeeping is a wonderful hobby, but unfortunately most of us will experience a problem at some time or other. PFK s experts explain, over ten pages, how to identify and overcome the five most common bugbears. In pursuit of perfection: George Farmer introduced his step-by-step planted se-up feature in our May issue. Here's how he finished the project.

What was hot at Interzoo? Jeremy Gay returns from the world's biggest exhibition for pet supplies to reveal what's new in the world of aquatics. Toe in the water: Ever thought of building a pond but not known where to start and what materials to use? Adam Stilwell helps you with his step-by-step guide. Focus on community oddballs: Got a taste for oddballs but not the room to keep big ones? Jeremy Gay details some smaller fish which are interesting and safe for the community.

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The August 2008 issue of Practical Fishkeeping is on sale from July 9 till August 5 2008.