Arcadia to launch new OT2 luminaire


UK based aquarium lighting manufacturer Arcadia has launched its new OT2 over-tank luminaire at the Interzoo 2008 trade exhibition in Germany.

The new aluminium coloured luminaire sits on top of an open-topped aquarium and is designed to provide high levels of light for aquatic plants or corals.

Kevin Chambers of Arcadia told Practical Fishkeeping: It's a much sleeker, slimmer design than previously, and we've managed to do away with the ventilation plates at the end of each unit. But the principal is the same.

The OT2 sits upon a wide mounting bracket, unclips at the front and folds back on the rear hinges allowing it to be moved out of the way during maintenance.

The unit comes with four T5 bulbs which are individually switched, allowing you to control the light output to meet the needs of the aquarium's inhabitants.

Chambers said: There is a heat sink area in the middle, to take away the heat from the ballasts. And there will also be a second module that can be put in the middle, which will allow six tube units for the wider tank.

The OT2 luminaire is due to go on sale shortly in the UK. Look out for a detailed review of the OT2 in a future issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine.