Arcadia launch new Classica T8 OTL


Lighting manufacturer Arcadia have launched a new range of T8 luminaires.

The new Classica Over-Tank Luminaire (OTL) provides a stylish and cost effective way to light an open top aquarium, say Arcadia.

Supplied with twin T8 Classica Natural Daylight fluorescent lamps, the OTL incorporates support legs with a unique new pivot mechanism which allows easy access to the tank for maintenance, while keeping the fitting stable in both raised and lowered positions.

With a contemporary anodised aluminium finish the new OTL complements the look of any modern aquarium.

A suspension kit is also available for applications where mounting to the aquarium rim is not appropriate.

The OTL is IP67 (waterproof) on the bottom surface and IP64 (splash-proof) on the top, meeting the latest European aquarium safety standards, and is available in a range of sizes from 600mm to 1500mm.

RRP 89.99-164.99