AquaCube offer update


AquaCube offer update


This month's incentive offering a free AquaCube aquarium with an annual subscription to Practical Fishkeeping magazine saw record numbers of readers rushing to subscribe.

Unfortunately, the demand for these aquariums far exceeded our expectations and we sold the same number of subscriptions that we would normally sell in four months in the space of a single week.

As a result, we were sadly forced to close the offer on Wednesday as the supplier of the aquariums was unable to source any additional AquaCubes to cope with the demand we had created.

Practical Fishkeeping's Direct Marketing Executive, Stuart Webster, explains: "At the time the offer was closed yesterday we had 30 less responses than we had tanks. Therefore if you have already ordered your tank, and especially if you did it before Monday you will get the tank.

"In the unlikely event that you are one of the last people to subscribe after the offer reached it's target you will be written to.

"If you are one of these people and paid the additional 5.00 you will get this back."

"I have not yet got a list of all those people who were succesful with there order, but I shall have this by Friday. If you would like to email me directly on [email protected] I shall let you know if you are on the list, if you could put the word 'tank' in the subject line and tell me your postcode that would make it easier for me."

"We are having additional AquaCubes made by the supplier to meet the demand. While we will make every effort to get these to readers by Christmas, unfortunately some may not be delivered until January."

Practical Fishkeeping apologises for the inconvenience caused.

The AquaCube offer has now closed. If you wish to subscribe now you will be offered an alternative gift consisting of a selection of water treatment products.