Aqua One expands its range of AquaReef marine tanks


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Aqua One has expanded its popular AquaReef range to include a smaller cube tank and a 1.8m/6' 500 l. model.

AquaReef 195 and 500 are new additions to Aqua One's range of reef aquariums.

"The AquaReef has been arguably the biggest success story in the market over the last year and a half." says Aqua One.

"These two new models extend the appeal of these stunning marine-ready aquariums even further. The smaller 195 will suit the smaller room, and the 1.8m/6' 500 l. 500 model, will suit the most avid of reefkeepers. Just like the rest of the range, alloy, plastics and glass all of which are corrosion resistant are exclusively the materials of choice.

"Of course high output T5’s (252 watts worth on the 500), pumps, skimmers, heaters and media come as standard."

What we think

We've seen and heard good things about the existing range and like the corrosion resistant materials, the fact they're sumped, and have good feedback on the included skimmers.

The 275 cube is PFK's current favourite, although we'd probably change the lights for some LEDs which will penetrate the depth better. With an even smaller footprint we're sure the 195 (pictured above) will prove very popular too, and if we get to touch and feel one we'll be able to report more.

An affordable and functional 6' reef tank will appeal to many, us included, although my personal preference would be for a corner weir, and for a wider tank front to back.

We'll report RRPs as soon as we get them, and the Aqua One website says that a limited edition white AquaReef 300 will be available in February.

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