ADA Aquasky LED lights available for pre-order in UK


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Aquascaping enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that Aquasky lights are finally coming to the UK.

Probably the best looking freshwater lighting available, Japanese company Aqua Design Amano didn't disappoint when they took their first foray into LED lighting for their smaller planted aquariums.  

With that slick, minimalist, see-through acrylic body and ultra slim profile they both complement and update existing ADA aquarium systems and can now be pre-ordered from UK and Ireland ADA distributor The Green Machine, in Wrexham, for delivery around Easter 2014.

Five models will initially be available; the 301, 361, 451, 601 and 602, aimed at illuminating ADA aquariums from 30-60cm in length.

All use high luminosity LEDs with bespoke casing and vents to reduce heat. They don't have fans, so no noise, and include no fancy gadgets either, leaving aesthetics and plant growth being the two key design drivers.

Prices range from £145 for the 301 to £429 for the 602. The 602 contains two LED casings for extra light output if necessary.  

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