28-page aquascaping section in November issue


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The November issue of Practical Fishkeeping includes a 28-page guide to aquascaping from some of the UK's biggest names in the scene.

The growth of aquascaping over the past few years has been phenomenal.

For quite a few years fishkeepers looked at the tanks of luminaries like Amano with awe, but they're really now within the grasp of all of us - with the correct time, techniques and equipment, of course. 

It really has never been so easy to set up a great looking aquarium and the shops are full of great products to help you make your tank look good and get really lush plant growth - we're no longer held back by what's available to us. 

Mark Evans' tank, which is featured in this issue.

If you want to brush up on your skills, need some inspiration or are just starting out, there's a great treat in store for you with the November issue of Practical Fishkeeping. 

Two of the leading names in the UK aquascaping scene - George Farmer and Graeme Edwards - have given their expert advice freely in a special 28-page section devoted to this popular segment of the hobby. 

We've also got interviews with Tropica's Dr Troels Anderson, aquascaping judge Karen Randall and aquascaper Mark Evans, a guide to nano scaping, advice on tools and aquarium care and lots of great aquascapes to inspire you.

The issue is on sale from September 29 to October 27, 2010.