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How easy are sea fans to keep?

A reader wonders how best to keep sans in his reef tank. Jeremy Gay advises..

How many water changes will it take to beat algae?

A reader asks what water changes are advised to keep algae away from their tank as much as possible?

How do I move from community to Angels?

A reader is looking to change from a community set up to one just for Angelfish. Neale Monks advises how best to do…

How to stop a tank from overheating

One of our readers asks expert Jeremy Gay how to avoid his reef tank heater from overheating the water...

How can I get my fish to shoal?

Practical Fishkeeping •

Why don't fish that shoal in nature swim in the same way when added to the aquarium?

How do I deal with aquarium snails?

Nathan Hill •

Aquarium snails are considered a pest by some and a pal by others. Spotting snails in your aquarium may not cause any…

How do I deal with this muck?

A reader struggles to keep his tank clean even after carrying out a water change. Expert Bob advises...

How do I breed my corys?

One of our readers would like to breed some albino corys. Fish expert Bob advises on the best way to do it...

How do I tackle this stinky algae?

A reader is frustrated by the unpleasant smell from his tank.