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What can I keep to add midwater movement?

A reader wonders if there is anything he can add to his tank to fill the middle area. Bob Mehan advises.

How do I create dawn and dusk effects?

One reader asks advice on setting up a lighting system in his tank.

Is there an alternative to this cumbersome hood?

A reader finds her wooden tank hood too heavy but can't find a lightweight alternative, PFK expert Neale Monk offers…

How can I make water changes easier?

A reader asks for advice on best ways to keep his tank healthy for keeping discus.

Are these materials safe to use?

A reader asks advice on the best and safest way to create depth in his aquascape.

What’s safe to keep with minnows and shrimp?

What fish are good to add to a tank that won’t prey on shrimp or minnows? Bob Mehen advises…

How risky is adding a companion goldfish?

A reader is looking to add a companion for his Fantail goldfish, although he is nervous about adding a new fish and…

How do I set up for these panchax?

A reader asks how to keep Red-chinned panchax in his tank. Neale Monks advises...

How do I keep these African oddballs?

What is the best way to set up a tank for African butterfly fish, and what’s the best way to feed them? A reader asks…