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How do I prepare my tank for an extended holiday?

Short holidays, of a week or two, are easily dealt with — provided the tank is well maintained and the fish in good…

Which killifish are best to start with?

The three most common non-annual killifish you’ll find in the trade are Fundulopanchax gardneri, Aplocheilus lineatus,…

How do I treat this sore?

One reader is concerned about a brown spot that has gradually grown on his Angelfish.

How do I get my balance back?

A reader worries about the algae in his tank using up nutrients. Jeremy Gay advises.

How do I keep this predatory fish?

A reader contemplates buying a Yellow leaf fish for his tank. Jeremy Gay advises.

How do I swap this substrate safely?

One reader asks about replacing the gravel with sand in his tank. Bob Mehan advises.

How do I reduce my bristleworm population?

Jeremy Gay advises a reader on the best ways of keeping the bristleworm population in her tank under control.

How do I control algae from the very start?

One reader is concerned about controlling algae in his new set-up.

How do I keep a puffer?

A reader asks for advice on keeping Dwarf puffers in a 60 litre tank.