Yoma danio, Danio feegradei


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Yoma danio, Danio feegradei

Pete Cottle looks at another in a long line of new danios to enter the trade - Danio feegradei.

Common name: Danio sp "Yoma"
Scientific name: Danio feegradei Hora 1937
Origin: The Thandwe district of Rahkine, Myanmar. Reported as having been collected in Sandoway. Yoma is the name of a dominating mountain range in the state.
Size: Probably around 6cm2.
Aquarium: These are very active danios and benefit from plenty of swimming space. Minimum size of tank 60 x 30 x 40cm/24" x 12" x 15", but would obviously benefit from extra space. A well planted tank is also recommended so that the colours of the fish are highlighted. A minimum of six should be kept as these fish like to shoal. A good species for both the beginner and experienced fishkeeper.
Habitat: Ditches and drainage channels.
Identification: This Danio has stunning colours. The sides of the fish are blue and there are two rows of gold spots along its flanks. The first, along the lateral line has about 14 or so spots, the second row , below the lateral line has around six. The male fish has an orange border to the anal and ventral fins and the female white. The male also has orange around the base of the pectoral fins. Both sexes have an orange spot just behind the operculum ( gill cover).
Diet: Eats all dried, frozen and live foods.
Notes: This is another Danio which has only recently found its way into Singapore. It is amazing that it has taken nearly seventy years for this species to become available in the UK.
Breeding: I have already bred this species using the standard methods.
Availability: Currently on sale at Wildwoods Ltd, Enfield. ( 020 8366 0243).
Price: Expect to pay between £3 and £4.