Laetacara sp Purple Gold


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Matt Clarke reports on this seasonal Dwarf cichlid - Laetacara sp 'Purple gold'

Scientific name:Laetacara sp "Purple gold"

Origin:Imported from Peru

Size:Around 6cm/2.5"

Price:2.75 for a 3cm/2" fish

Water:Neutral or slightly soft and acidic water is best for these fish.

Aquarium:A small tank of 60cm/24" is OK for a pair. These fish mix well with other peaceful tetras and catfishes. Provide plenty of bogwood and plants for cover.

Diet:Bloodworm, brinshrimp, daphinia and flakes are accepted.

Habitat:Said to be found in weedy, swampy regions around large rivers and tributaries.

Availability:Becoming more common in imports from the Peru region.

Notes:This fish is also sold as L. sp. "Bucklekopf". It's not particularily aggressive and will spawn readily when the conditions are right.

Rarity rating:Only available seasonally in shipments from Peru.

This article was first published in the November 2003 of the Practical Fishkeeping Magazine.