Corydoras ornatus


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Ian Fuller tracks down some rarely seen Corydoras ornatus in Lancashire.

Common name: Ornate Cory

Scientific name: Corydoras ornatus Nijssen and Isbrcker, 1976

Origin: Brazil, State of Par, Rio Tapajs.

Water: Soft and slightly acid, with a pH range between 6.0 & 7.0 Hardness 2 to 12 dGH and a temperature between 22 C & 26 C (71 F - 79 C).

Size: One of the larger members of the genus with adult males reaching 65.0 mm SL. and females a little larger at 70 .0 mm SL. (SL. = Standard length, tip of snout to caudal peduncle).

Aquarium: As with most members of the Corydoras family these are a peaceful species, and make ideal community tank residents and are best kept in groups of six or more. The ideal aquarium set up for this species would have a fine smooth grained sand substrate, reasonably well planted, with some floating plants to give shaded areas and a few pieces of bogwood or Beach twigs.

Diet: Generally speaking Corydoras are not fussy eaters but it is important to give them a good quality food, a staple diet of pre-soaked flake, tablet or granulated foods supplemented with live or frozen foods such as Daphnia, tubifex, bloodworm, white worm, chopped earth worm or brine shrimp.

Notes: Although Corydoras ornatus has been known for over thirty years, it has only recently found its way into the aquarium hobby in Europe and here in the UK and depending on its natural availability it is likely to become a firm favourite with Cory enthusiasts.

Identification: There have been a number of Corydoras species that have in the past been misidentified as Corydoras ornatus, all proving to be other species. Corydoras ornatus is quite distinctive with its three solid horizontal stripes.

Availability: Available at Pier Aquatics, George street, Wigan. Lancashire.

Price: On sale for 16.00 each

Ian Fuller