Robocop catfish, Nannoptopoma sp. Robocop

Neil Woodward spotlights a recent import at Pier Aquatics, which is sure to leave catfish fans drooling...

Scientific name: Nannoptopoma sp. Robocop.
Common name: Unknown, possibly Robocop.
Origin: Alto Nanay, Peru.
Maximum size: Very similar to other Nannoptopoma, so expect 3-4cm/1.2-1.6” on average.
Water parameters: Optimal temperature would be 27°C/80°F, pH 6.8, with GH as low as 0-3 depending on season.
Diet: Like other Nannoptopoma, taking large amounts of vegetation. A high metabolic rate means that they require large volumes of food that will not pollute.
Habitat: Assumed to live among shoreside vegetation and wood.
Aquarium: A smaller tank could be used, but water must be very clean and well oxygenated. Don’t house with other loricariids that would compete for food.

Notes: This fish is very similar to Nannoptopoma sp. Peru. As they have only just appeared in the industry there are no known reports of breeding. We can assume that like other Nannoptopoma/Hypoptopoma the male may guard the eggs in spawning.
Identification: Both the zebra pattern and intense red ring to the eye distinguish this fish from other Nannoptopoma.
Availability: Infrequent. PFK hadn’t seen these fish anywhere else in the UK prior to recently visiting Pier Aquatics, Wigan.
Price: £9.50 each.

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