Fishey Business

Pevensey, United Kingdom, BN24 5ET

Here at Fishey Business, we cater for all aspects of fishkeeping.

Whether it’s Tropical, Marine, Coldwater or Pond, we will have something to suit your needs.

Our livestock selection ranges from Guppies and Neons to freshwater stingrays, Discus and L-number plecs.

We also keep many marine fish, corals and invertebrates. Plus pondfish including Koi and Sturgeon, as well as various pond plants in season.

We carry a comprehensive range of dry goods for a project you may be undertaking. From new aquariums or ponds to your regular maintenance essentials and foods.

Brands we stock include Aquaone, Pondone, Juwel, Aquael, Tetra, Interpet, Eheim, TMC, Lotus, Oase, Evolution Aqua and NT Labs to name but a few.

Our staff are fully trained and experienced in all areas of fishkeeping. Whether you need advice on your reef aquarium or Koi pond; there will be someone to assist you.

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Stone Cross Garden Centre Dittons Road, Pevensey, United Kingdom, BN24 5ET