Tetra launches free water test app

Tetra has launched a free Tetra Digital Water Test app, to help fishkeepers monitor water quality. The innovative app promises to make the process as easy and precise as possible by analysing water conditions and recommending appropriate solutions.

The Tetra Digital Water Test helps to analyse the most important water parameters in an aquarium, which include total hardness (GH), carbonate hardness (KH), pH, nitrite, nitrate and chlorine. For an uncomplicated and accurate reading, you just need to use Tetra’s 6in1 test strips, and carry out the measurement according to the type of test and as described in the app. The need to compare tests with a colour chart is eradicated, which can often be difficult to read and analyse. Additional parameters — namely, ammonia, phosphate, iron and oxygen — can still be measured using liquid tests.

Once testing has been completed, the app will provide extensive test results, background information and suggest a course of action and an appropriate product.

The app provides users with future reminders to ensure the aquarium inhabitants are kept in a sustainably good environment, and results can be saved to provide a record of previous tests and to enable comparisons. To make things as easy as possible, there is a 'how-to' video to guide you through the whole process. This can be found on the app, and also via the Tetra website.

The app provides guidance and help in all areas of fishkeeping with a detailed FAQ and tips section, as well as an integrated retailer search.

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