New Malawi cichlid food from FishScience

FishScience has launched a special flake food for Malawi cichlids.

The food contains three different species of algae (Spirulina, Chlorella and kelp) in addition to spinach and peas to provide the vegetable-based diet that these fish would naturally eat in the wild.  

The food also contains insect meal, a new ingredient being used in FishScience foods.  

"The insect meal replaces much of the fish based ingredients in the flakes," commented Fish Science's Dr David Pool. "Malawi cichlids mainly feed on algae, but when eating it also consume large amounts of insect larvae, so using insect meal ensures we are recreating their natural diet. The insect meal is farmed in Europe so as well as the nutritional benefits, it also provides a far more environmentally friendly and sustainable source of proteins.

"In common with all FishScience foods, the Malawi Flake contains natural ingredients such as paprika, shrimp, Spirulina and Chlorella algae to enhance the natural colour of the fish. Natural ingredients such as Garlic and Beta Glucans are also added to support the immune system and ensure the fish remain as healthy as possible."

FishScience Malawi Flake is available in three sizes, 20g, (RSP - £3.75), 50g (£6.95) and 100g (£12.75). 

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