New Kessil AP700 LED light from Evolution Aqua

UK Kessil distributor Evolution Aqua has introduced the new AP700 panel light, which breaks away from the traditional cylindrical form we’ve come to know from Kessil and instead manifests itself as a sleek, flat unit capable of lighting a 120 x 60cm/4 x 2ft reef tank on its own.

The AP700 combines Kessil’s popular white and blue lighting blends but also includes RGB colours for full colour control, colour blending which is unique to each user while at the same time including that all-important UV spectrum.
EA says the result is strong growth from even the most demanding of corals while at the same time delivering the spectrum they need and the popping fluorescent colours the modern reefkeeper demands.
For those who want it, the AP700 carries a full suite of additional features including cloud cover, lunar cycles, lightning simulation and coral acclimation mode, as well as being fully controllable by Wi-Fi (no unsightly control cables or extra devices,) and by iPad (Android and Smart Phone control will follow shortly). RRP £849. 
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