Buy a fish to put on the wall!

If you’re looking for that extra special Christmas present — or want to drop a few hints — check out the selection of stunning Flick Ford fish prints now available in the UK at the Aqualife Gallery.

The choice includes 25 prints from world renowned artist Flick Ford’s celebrated book; WILD 75 freshwater tropical fish of the world. Created with incredible attention and eye for detail, these true-to-life watercolours are accompanied with common/scientific names and size for each species. 
Two sizes are available: 8 x 10in and 11 x 14in, priced at £35 and £45 respectively. In addition to the Agassiz's dwarf cichlid and Red-bellied piranha pictured here, the choice includes many of the hobby’s most popular species, including Kribensis, discus, angelfish, Fighter and Zebra plec.
Check out the full range on the Aqualife Gallery website. 
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