Aquarist rents a separate flat for his 42 aquariums

A fishkeeper from Turkey has become so obsessed with the hobby that he has moved his fish from the family home in Ankara and into a separate flat to save his marriage.

Önder DoÄŸanay’s wife told him it was either her or the fish, after his collection grew to 42 tanks housing thousands of fish, reports the Daily Sabah. As he has been unable to make a decision between the two, DoÄŸanay has rented a flat specifically for his fish until he makes up his mind.
"When I am with my aquariums, I forget every other event on the Earth," he admits.
DoÄŸanay, who is a radiologist, now has so many tanks that he has had to employ a fish-sitter to help him look after the fish while he is at work, as he says he’s so busy he cannot do all the maintenance required himself.
He adds that keeping fish is therapeutic and makes him feel positive. His collection includes discus, which he says are his favourite fish.
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