AquaBar T Series LED Light Bars from TMC

TMC has extended its range of aquarium lighting, offering this much simpler and more affordable upgrade to LEDs for those fishkeepers still using T5 and T8 tubes, including those with Juwel and Eheim set-ups.

The new light bar twin sets offer easy, easy, direct replacement for twin fluorescent lamp fittings, with equivalent sizes to T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps but with ultra low running costs and long life.
The lights are available in a wide range of colours including 'Fiji Purple', which incorporates NUV light for enhanced coral colouration, and 'Colourplus' for fish only and freshwater set-ups. Adaptors are included for T5 and T8 IP rated lamp holders.
RRPs start at £34.99 for a single lamp (PSU not included), with twin units from £99.99 (includes PSU).
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