10,000 fish die in holding tanks at aquarium

A plan to build the largest freshwater aquarium in the world in Brazil has been struck a blow as more than 10,000 fish, which were being housed in temporary holding tanks, suddenly died.

Prosecutors in Brazil are investigating the deaths of the fish, which had been placed in the care of a company called Anambi, after work on the Aquario do Pantanal in Campo Grande, overran. The fish should have been transferred to their permanent quarters at the aquarium in January or February of this year.

Anambi has blamed the deaths — reported to be about 80% of the aquarium fish in its care — on a drop in overnight temperatures due to the onset of winter. But authorities say there was insufficient oxygenation and the tanks were poorly maintained.

Work on the £34m aquarium was supposed to have been completed at the end of last year. The final date for its completion is yet to be confirmed.

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