'Severed finger' is not human

A 'severed finger' found on a beach in Australia is now thought to be a species of sea squirt.

The 'human finger' was found on Lee Point Beach in Darwin earlier this month. It was spotted by a dog walker who informed local police, fearing that it may be the grisly remains of a murder victim.

There was much debate among offers at Casuarina Police Station as to whether the finger was real or not.

Preliminary forensic testing proved inconclusive, but a pathologist later determined that it was definitely not human.

"Further testing by experts at the natural science department of the Museum and Art gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) have determined that the finger is actually a dead solitary sea squirt," the MAGNT’s report concluded.

Northern Territory police say that they are "just relieved that 'the finger' is not of human origin."

Further scientific tests are now being carried out to see if the sea squirt is actually a new species.