Video: Divers save endangered shark from slow and painful death

When a critically endangered Grey nurse shark was discovered entangled in industrial strength elastic cord off a beach in Sydney, Australia a specialist team went to its aid.

Staff from Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and the Department of Primary Industries carried out the ambitious rescue on the 1.5m juvenile shark, which had the cord entangled around its head and gills.

The distressed shark had been found by a diver at Magic Point off Maroubra Beach, which is home to one of a small and ever-dwindling number of Grey nurse shark colonies on the east coast of Australia. The young shark was facing a slow and painful death, as the cord would have continued to tighten as it grew.

After arriving in the area and locating the animal, the rescue team encouraged it into a special 'sock', so they could raise it to the surface where a vet was able to remove the cord and administer antibiotics. The shark was then released back to the sea.

You can watch a news report and footage of the rescue below:


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