Protests over cull of 'healthy fish' at swimming lake

Plans to cull fish at a popular lake in Bristol have met with angry protests from anglers and swimmers.

When officials from the swimming club at Henleaze Lake turned up to begin an annual cull to remove 50 carp, they found the gates had been superglued and padlocked shut! Protesters waved placards at the entrance and security guards had to be called in.

According to a report by the Bristol Post, locals have accused the swimming club's committee of "killing healthy fish without a legitimate reason", insisting that the carp don't cause a problem to the 2,000 members of the swimming club.

A spokesman for the membership-only club says the fish will be removed by electrocution and netting, before being humanely euthanised, adding that they cannot be moved from the man-made lake because of the presence of a category two fish parasite.