PFK Editor Jeremy Gay is appointed Business Development Manager at Evolution Aqua

Following a successful career as the editor of Practical Fishkeeping and Pet Product Marketing, Jeremy Gay leaves Bauer Media in May 2014 to embark on a new role

"There's not much that would entice me to vacate the greatest job in fishkeeping but this opportunity got my full attention," said Jeremy.

"The things that ea can achieve with bacteria and filtration is phenomenal and there is so much potential there to do a whole lot more."

"Evolution Aqua dominate the Koi and pond market, and I bring my extensive knowledge of the tropical and marine markets to them."

"I'm fascinated by the aquatic trade too so it makes sense that I'm going back into it.

"I want to develop products which will really benefit both fish and fishkeeper, and Evolution Aqua is definitely the place to do it."