New JBL CristlaProfi 1901e greenline filter

Power-hungry fishkeepers will relish the release of a new external filter from JBL: the CristalProfi 1901e greenline.

Essentially, this is just a larger version of JBL’s popular range of externals, having all the bells and whistles you would want from an external filter including priming, media options and pipework options.

Important though, is this new model’s size and output. The 1901 produces a maximum flowthrough of 1900lph — twice what most external filters put out, and it has an extra large 564mm canister holding 15 l/3 gal of media too.

For those who want power without the running costs, however, the filter pumps out that much water for only 36w of energy. The model is rated to filter aquariums up to 800 l/176 gal volume, or a 2m x 61 x 61cm/7 x 2 x 2', although our advice is to fit them on any tanks you think that need it, be it Malawi cichlids, Oscars, messy goldfish or anything else. The icing on the cake is a four-year guarantee.

Price: £258.30; more info

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