Man falls through roof - and lands in fish tank!

A drunk man fell through the skylight of a Surrey pet shop in the early hours of Sunday morning - and landed feet first in a tropical fish tank!

Peter Hunt, who owns Aqua Pets in Tolworth, said: "Unfortunately he ran across our flat roof which has a fibre glass lighting partition. He fell straight through and ended up in a 3' x 3' fish tank…It was a miracle he didn't kill himself."

The man managed to haul himself out of the aquarium, but was then confronted by the store manager Matthew Toner, who lives above the shop and was woken by the noise.

He claimed he had been trying to find his way home after a heavy drinking session.

Police later arrested the man near the shop — his sodden trousers were a bit of a giveaway. Initially it had been thought he might be a burglar but this was found not to be the case and he was given a caution for criminal damage.

The aquarium contains angels, parrotfish, rainbows and gouramis. None of the fish were harmed in the incident.

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