Goldfish fans get a talk from expert Ranchu breeeder

Goldfish Association of Great Britain (GSGB) members were treated to a fascinating and rather daunting talk given by Andrew James on how he line breeds his Ranchu, at its meeting last month in Bromham, Bedfordshire, writes Ray Rich.

Andrew explained how he carefully maintains, and meticulously records five, yes five(!) lines of Ranchu. From hearing about how he gets up every day at 5am to clean and feed his fish to the mountain of food and materials it takes to keep everything ticking over to meet his uncompromising standards, most of the members at the meeting just sat there in awe.

He carefully displayed the records of all the thousands of fish he has produced and explained that is how he keeps track of their lineage and plans future breeding. His very deep understanding of the Ranchu was apparent to everyone.

There also was a table show for Ranchu, which Andrew kindly judged and then shared his thoughts of them to the meeting.

It is a meeting that members will remember for a very long time!

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