Forget football - this summer’s all about the Foodball!

Hozelock Cyprio has had a ball launching its latest addition to the range: a fun, novel way to feed pond fish.

As football sweeps the nation during the World Cup this summer, fish won’t feel like they’re missing out on the action with the aptly-named Fish Foodball.
Fish Foodball is suitable for most types of fish food. Just fill with enough food for one feed and watch the fish swim around the surface of the water for longer, nudging the ball until all of the food is dispensed, instead of it being sucked up too quickly. The ball can simply removed and replenished when fish have eaten enough.
Lisa Jordan, UK marketing manager at Hozelock, said: "There is a serious message behind the development of the Fish Foodball. Pond fish that consume one large meal a day can suffer with health problems. However, a pond with edible plants, algae, worms, insects and a set up where fish can eat at their leisure is an ideal aquatic environment. The fact that fish will feel like they’re involved with this year’s summer of football is an added bonus!"
The Fish Foodball has an RRP of £4.99.

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