Aquarium visitors give shark a 'nervous breakdown'

A shark at a Russian aquarium is on sedatives after it was scared by visitors who repeatedly banged on the glass of her tank.

According to a report in The Moscow Times, the reef shark at Kaliningrad Zoo suffered a "nervous breakdown" after guests repeatedly banged the glass with their fists, despite requests not to do so.

The shark became so stressed that she started to charge around the tank in fright, resulting in damage to her nose and eye.

"Our shark was not ready for such attention from the visitors and the persistent tapping of the aquarium glass," the zoo's press secretary Ekaterina Mikhailova told RIA Novosti. "By flopping in panic onto the glass walls of the aquarium, she first hit her nose and then one eye."

Despite treatment with antibiotics and sedatives, the wounds refused to heal while the shark's enclosure was still open to the public, so it has now been closed to visitors until she fully recovers.

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