Aquarium creates love nest for clowns

Sea Life London Aquarium has created an aquatic love nest to try and encourage a pair of shy clownfish to breed.

The tank housing the Pink skunk clowns has been fitted with a pair of red velvet curtains to offer them total privacy in a set up that has been specially enhanced to replicate their natural habitat.

Aquarist Steve Williams says: "So far they haven’t mated, so we have designed what we hope will be the perfect setting to bring them together. We’re giving them total privacy away from other marine life and, with a specially fitted curtain, away from human eyes too. Hopefully with this custom-made environment in place, we can look forward to welcoming some clownfish babies in the not too distant future."

Sea Life London Aquarium has had a bit of a baby boom recently, with seahorses, poison dart frogs and penguins all being born over the past few weeks.

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