Red Sea unveils new range of rimless reef-ready systems

The new range of REEFER systems from Red Sea enables advanced hobbyists to create an affordable customised reef aquarium of their own by integrating their preferred choice of equipment into the REEFER’s advanced sump and water management system.

The REEFER Series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system, including a professional sump, integrated automatic top-up, and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system.

Incorporating technologies originally developed for Red Sea’s all-in-one MAX coral reef systems, the REEFER series is designed for ease of operation while enabling hobbyists to install an unlimited choice of lighting, filtration, circulation and controllers in order to create a uniquely customised system.

The range is offered in five sizes from a 45cm/18in nano to a full size 150cm/5ft aquarium.

Main features of the new series include:

  • Rimless, super-clear, beveled edge glass aquarium
  • Elegant marine-spec cabinet
  • Professional sump with constant height skimmer chamber and micron filter bags
  • Integrated automatic top-up with reservoir
  • Silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow
  • Assembly-ready piping — no gluing required.

For additional information visit

New Maxspect Gyre generator

The Maxspect Gyre is the world’s first Gyre generator. With four years of research and development this patent pending technology is now available for aquarium use. The unit is capable of moving huge volumes of water at low wattage, and utilises cross flow rather than propeller driven impellers to move the water.

The Gyre generates a flow which is similar to the ocean current on the edge of a reef — a uniform body of water, which bounces off the opposite end of the aquarium, down to the sand bed and back to the pump. This results in there being no dead spots in the aquarium and as the flow is not focused, it makes coral placement far easier than when using conventional pumps/wave makers.

The Gyre is now available in a 50W model — the XF150 — which is capable of moving up to 20,000 lph on full power and comes complete with a controller (above), allowing you to simulate an array of different functions, such as surge mode to simulate wave motion and alternating Gyre. This mode will place the pump in a forward motion for a set period, then place the pump in reverse for your chosen timespan. There are also spare roll cages supplied with the units to create different flow within the aquarium, such as forward and reverse motion at the same time, with only one Gyre pump.

The Gyre is not limited to reef aquariums; tropical aquariums will be able to use a Gyre to create running water conditions within their aquarium. Maxspect says that the Gyre flow also does an incredible job of lifting fish waste and uneaten food from the bed of the aquarium, allowing filtration to work more efficiently.

A smaller XF130 model will be released prior to Christmas. This will be either a 30W or 35W model — the flow rating for this model is still not finalised. There will also be a larger XF170 model released in the first quarter of 2015 for those with bigger aquariums.

For more information or to find a stockist contact BCUK on 01507 600477 or visit

New aquariums from Evolution Aqua

Evolution Aqua has released a new range of eaMarine aquariums.

There are currently three models:

  • 45 x 50 x 45cm/18x 29 x 18in (101 l/22 gal)
  • 60 x 50 x 45cm/24 x 20 x 18in (135 l/30 gal)
  • 90 x 50 x 45cm/36 x 20 x 18in (202 l/44 gal)

The aquariums have been built in the UK, at EA’s facility in Wigan, using low-iron glass on the front and sides of the aquariums for extra clarity and have a modern, rimless, braceless design with floating base.

All models come with pre-assembled cabinets available in nine high-gloss acrylic colours, clad with 18mm MDF panels. The cabinets have adjustable feet and soft-close doors.

The eaMarine aquarium range also has a unique moving filter bed designed by EA, using the company’s own K1 Micro filter media, as well as 200 Micron filter socks for mechanical filtration and very low maintenance.

The rear chamber of the in-tank sump system on the larger models has room for a skimmer if you want to add one, or provides room for reactors, live rock rubble, chiller pumps or an algae refugium.

The aquariums feature Eheim pumps and the latest lighting package from Kessil including either A160WE or A360WE LED lights (one on the 450, two on the 600 and 900 models), along with flexible gooseneck fittings, unit link cables and the new Spectral controller for full programming of either single or multiple A160 or A360 units.

eaMarine aquariums can also be ordered with freshwater specific Kessil lighting.

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New ReefScape Model Series from TMC

Tropical Marine Centre will be launching its new ReefScape Model Series Kits later this month. The kits are developed in association with BrightBricks, the UK’s only LEGO® Certified Professional.

There are 15 models depicting popular marine species to collect in this new limited edition range:

Blue spot stingray, Humbug damsel, Clown triggerfish, juvenile Clarion angel, lionfish, Domino damsel, clownfish, Emperor angelfish (small and large size available), Boxing shrimp, Seahorse and pipefish, Black and white banner fish, Regal tang and Regal angelfish.

The ReefScape Model Series developed from TMC's highly successful exhibit at the 2014 Interzoo trade show in Germany, where it presented its ReefScape (pictured below), as a way of "sharing the cost" with Mother Nature by reducing the number of live animals on display.

The kits in the ReefScape Model Series are suitable for ages 14-plus and should be available from TMC stockists at the end of November — just in time for Christmas! RRPs start from £39.99.

For more info and to find your local stockist, visit the ReefScape website.

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Evolution Aqua to distribute Kessil lighting

Evolution Aqua has announced that it is to be the exclusive distributor of Kessil LED aquarium lighting for the UK.

Evolution Aqua began its distribution on October 1 with the launch of two new Kessil products: the new, dual-controllable A160WE in both marine and freshwater specific spectrums, and the Spectral Controller for easy programming of either single or multiple A160 and A360 lights. EA will also be carrying the full range of Kessil accessories.

EA adds that Kessil lighting and controllers are being used exclusively on EA’s new premium range of systemised marine aquariums, which also feature a built-in filtration system, low iron glass and high-gloss, minimalist cabinets. The aquarium range will be available nationwide and provides custom features and a bespoke look in a ready-to-go, easy to use, off-the-shelf package.

New Cold Weather pondfish foods from FishScience

FishScience has launched new Cold Weather pond foods, for feeding pond fish during autumn, winter and early spring.

The use of specially formulated coldweather pond foods during the cooler months of the year can make a real difference to the health of the fish and their ability to survive the rigours of winter.

Dr Dave Pool of FishScience, says: "Foods suitable for feeding to pond fish at low temperatures are rich in wheatgerm, an ingredient which can be digested easily even at low temperatures. These foods can be used to feed the fish whenever they rise to the surface looking for something to eat. The oft quoted rule was not to feed below 10°C, however pond fish will actively look for food at temperatures below this, particularly if the water temperature is rising. Even at 4°C, an increase in water temperature of 1 or 2 degrees will trigger the fish to feed, whereas at 10°C a 1-2° drop will result in the fish stopping feeding. It is obviously important to avoid overfeeding and in winter this can be as little as one or two sticks per fish in the recommended five-minute feeding period.

"By feeding the fish as and when they are looking for food, we can ensure that they have a small supply of nutrients which prevents them from using their valuable stored reserves. This can make a big difference to the fishes' health through the colder weather and particularly as water temperatures start to rise in the spring. Fish that have been carefully fed during the colder months tend to be stronger and less susceptible to early season fungus and bacterial infections."

The foods are in the popular 'dumpy' stick format, accepted by any fish over 10cm/4in in length.

Price: 225g pack SRP £4.95; 1250g pack SRP £16.45. Further information from

A filter with a difference!

The Theiling Roller Mat filter, which was on display at the Interzoo trade show in Germany earlier this year, is an external filter that we can all get excited about, says Nathan Hill.

The Roller Mat is a paper-based filter, with a thin sheet wrapped around a drum. Its purpose is solely mechanical, pulling out the tiniest of particulate waste, and it has no biological use.

Water is fed to the unit from a tank or sump, where it passes through the drum before returning. In the event of the paper clogging, the water level will rise until a float switch is activated, at which point a motor pulls fresh paper from the roll into place, pulling the old paper on to a spool to be discarded.

The key role for this kind of filter is as a polishing device for marine tanks, but any tank plagued by porridges of particulates will benefit from one.

The only glitch for some will be the price, currently looking to be somewhere around the £280 mark.

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Zoo Med launches Aquasweep

Zoo Med Labs, Inc. announces the debut of their new Aquasweep Rotating Filter Attachment

Zoo Med’s New Aquasweep Rotating Filter Attachment can be connected to an external canister filter outlet to provide a sweeping wave action in an aquarium. 

The Aquasweep can be used in freshwater or marine aquaria, and automatically sweeps from side to side creating wavelike circulation to benefit corals, plants, fish and other aquatic life. 

Installing the Aquasweep at the surface creates greater surface agitation. Place deeper in the tank to increase flow over plants and corals.

RRP approximately £15.

Eheim launches range of water treatments

Eheim has ventured into the world of water treatments with new water care and plant care products.

The ranges use natural ingredients and are designed to work alongside natural biochemical processes to support balance in the aquarium.

The algicide complies with tightened biocide regulations that come into force in 2015. There are aquarium bacterial starters for fresh and marine water, a buffer to improve pH and water hardness, and a water health tonic, as well as test kits.

The Eheim fertiliser range for aquarium plants includes a daily maintenance product, one that’s slow-release, one with an iron complex, and a concentrate for Eheim Automatic Liquidosers.

Product Manager Sibylle Pöhler says: "Eheim does not, and never will, include additives that sound good but may be harmful to the fish."

More info:

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Compare your aquatics with Tetra and

Fishkeepers love to keep up to date with the newest aquatic products and see what’s available, while supporting their bricks and mortar retailers - and now this is about to get easier!

Tetra has agreed a partnership with Compare Aquatics, a newly developed website offering hobbyists the facility to find their nearest aquatics store and review the products and promotions available. Tetra says it's the first portal of its kind in the UK and aims to help aquatic lovers get the most from their hobby and their retailers.  

It’s free for hobbyists while individual stores subscribe to the Compare Aquatics website and create their own account to communicate to their customers and decide how best to promote their products and services. The website will also host a plethora of aquatic information and educational materials, and will manage forums on many various aquatic topics.

Alex Hinton, Trade Marketing Manager at Tetra UK comments: "As a market leader we are always looking at innovative ways of supporting our hobbyists and retailers and Compare Aquatics offers us the opportunity to help aquatic lovers find the best products for their needs and the retailer who can best provide it. It’s simple to use and free. It’s a positive way of using new technology to help make fishkeeping easier."

David Lawson, Marketing manager at Compare Aquatics added "In an age when all consumers are now becoming empowered by internet-ready mobile devices this website provides a very positive and engaging way for aquatic hobbyists to showcase their knowledge and images. Most importantly it has been designed in a way that seeks to drive customers into high street stores to make their purchases."

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iQuatics AquaLumi T5 controller lights up to six tubes

Online aquarium lighting seller iQuatics have added to their range of light tubes and luminaires with the release of a multiple tube controller.

Life's not all about one piece luminaires on open topped tanks when you run fluorescent lighting and many people still use more traditional ballasts, leads and end caps to power their tubes, and house them inside closed hoods.

Recognising this fact iQuatics have brought out a separate ballast -style controller which can control either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 T5 fluorescent light tubes depending on tube wattage and controller model.

This we see offers real benefits and great flexibility for those who want high fluorescent lighting levels on cabinet style tanks with cover glasses and box hoods, or those who want to light multiple tanks from a single ballast.

The units themselves are sleek and modern looking and are manufactured from black anodised aluminium. The ballasts inside are german made and depending on model you get two power cables so that you could light your blue tubes on a different period to your white tubes.

Leads and connectors are IP67 safety rated, 2 metres long and rubber feet for the controller and stainless steel clips for the tubes are included.

Stainless steel rusts in saltwater, but apart from that we think the product has great potential and we know of plenty of aquarists (ourselves included,) who would have killed to get hold of a 6 x fluorescent tube controller instead of having to use three doubles or six single ballasts on their tanks, back in the day.

Prices range from £59.49 for a twin 24 watt starter to £98.99 for a 6x 54 watt. Packages including controller, light tubes and reflectors are also available. 

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New Tetra FreshDelica Krill food

Tetra has added Krill to its range of FreshDelica treat foods.

Fishkeepers can now choose from a range of four FreshDelica foods: Krill, Bloodworm, Brine Shrimp and Daphnia, suitable for freshwater and marine fish.

Alex Hinton, Trade Marketing Manager at Tetra UK comments: "FreshDelica is an increasingly popular fresh treat food for fishkeepers who are looking for a cleaner, more convenient solution to feeding fresh treat food. The product doesn’t require refrigeration or freezing so it is easy to store and feed."

FreshDelica offers variety to a staple diet when fed every few days.

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New coral propagation kit from EcoTech Marine

EcoTech Marine has launched an Elements Coral Propagation Kit, which it says is a comprehensive kit of precision-crafted German stainless steel tools, frag plugs and Coral Glue that enables reef enthusiasts to fragment, affix and propagate hard and soft coral.

Contents of the EcoTech Elements Coral Propagation Kit include: exclusively-designed kiln-fired ceramic coral frag plugs (18 pieces) in three colours; Coral Glue, 75ml; tweezers, 160mm; scissors, 150mm, bone cutting forceps, 190mm and soft coral clamps, 255mm.

The tools fit inside a heavy-duty bamboo case that doubles as a cutting board and is secured with magnetic clasps.

"Our Coral Propagation Kit was designed with usability and quality as our top priorities," says Patrick Clasen, co-founder and director of finance. "We are excited to help aquarists expanding our hobby by cutting, propagating and trading corals using our kit."

Price: £79;

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ADA Aquasky LED lights available for pre-order in UK

Aquascaping enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that Aquasky lights are finally coming to the UK.

Probably the best looking freshwater lighting available, Japanese company Aqua Design Amano didn't disappoint when they took their first foray into LED lighting for their smaller planted aquariums.  

With that slick, minimalist, see-through acrylic body and ultra slim profile they both complement and update existing ADA aquarium systems and can now be pre-ordered from UK and Ireland ADA distributor The Green Machine, in Wrexham, for delivery around Easter 2014.

Five models will initially be available; the 301, 361, 451, 601 and 602, aimed at illuminating ADA aquariums from 30-60cm in length.

All use high luminosity LEDs with bespoke casing and vents to reduce heat. They don't have fans, so no noise, and include no fancy gadgets either, leaving aesthetics and plant growth being the two key design drivers.

Prices range from £145 for the 301 to £429 for the 602. The 602 contains two LED casings for extra light output if necessary.  

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Forget football - this summer’s all about the Foodball!

Hozelock Cyprio has had a ball launching its latest addition to the range: a fun, novel way to feed pond fish.

As football sweeps the nation during the World Cup this summer, fish won’t feel like they’re missing out on the action with the aptly-named Fish Foodball.
Fish Foodball is suitable for most types of fish food. Just fill with enough food for one feed and watch the fish swim around the surface of the water for longer, nudging the ball until all of the food is dispensed, instead of it being sucked up too quickly. The ball can simply removed and replenished when fish have eaten enough.
Lisa Jordan, UK marketing manager at Hozelock, said: "There is a serious message behind the development of the Fish Foodball. Pond fish that consume one large meal a day can suffer with health problems. However, a pond with edible plants, algae, worms, insects and a set up where fish can eat at their leisure is an ideal aquatic environment. The fact that fish will feel like they’re involved with this year’s summer of football is an added bonus!"
The Fish Foodball has an RRP of £4.99.

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New JBL CristlaProfi 1901e greenline filter

Power-hungry fishkeepers will relish the release of a new external filter from JBL: the CristalProfi 1901e greenline.

Essentially, this is just a larger version of JBL’s popular range of externals, having all the bells and whistles you would want from an external filter including priming, media options and pipework options.

Important though, is this new model’s size and output. The 1901 produces a maximum flowthrough of 1900lph — twice what most external filters put out, and it has an extra large 564mm canister holding 15 l/3 gal of media too.

For those who want power without the running costs, however, the filter pumps out that much water for only 36w of energy. The model is rated to filter aquariums up to 800 l/176 gal volume, or a 2m x 61 x 61cm/7 x 2 x 2', although our advice is to fit them on any tanks you think that need it, be it Malawi cichlids, Oscars, messy goldfish or anything else. The icing on the cake is a four-year guarantee.

Price: £258.30; more info

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New Hydra FiftyTwo led marine light from Aqua Illumination

The Hydra FiftyTwo will have many a reef tank owner drooling as it combines the best of LED colour and control with output, meaning that just one of these 12in long bad boys can light a whole 36 x 36 x 36in cube tank on its own!

As its name suggests, this light has 52 LEDs in four clusters and seven separate colours. Each colour can be controlled or dimmed and on full power the unit draws 135w of electricity.

For those familiar with AI LED lights the company claims the FiftyTwo to have the control of the Vega with the power of the Sol units and it has both 80° and 50° optic options for those who want to penetrate deep tanks.


Price: £595.99;

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